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Latest Apple Watch 3 rumours & possible features

Latest Apple Watch 3 rumours & possible features

What is going to make the Apple Watch 3 a real must have?

The Apple Watch 3, or the Apple Watch Series 3 as it could be called which would fit with previous versions, is a long way off yet, however that doesn't stop the rumour mill churning out some interesting features that may make their way onto the new smartwatch.

Micro-LED Screen

We wouldn't expect the size or shape of the screen to change for the Apple Watch Series 3, so expect a square 1.65-inch display. 

It's likely to still be OLED due to the iPhone 8 also seeing that tech fitted. 

Apple Watch 3 design

While the general shape and style of the Apple Watch 3 probably won't be much different to the Apple Watch 2, certain aspects of the design could change substantially.

We could see extra battery straps come into play which opens the doors for us to build some fantastic battery powered straps in our own style which we are sure would be possible. 
Drop us an email if that would be of interest to you & we will keep you up to date :)
One thing that probably won't change is the fact it's water-resistant. This was a major new feature for the Apple Watch 2 and we'd be very surprised if Apple removed it for the Apple Watch 3.


Expect maybe 1-2 more case materials to be launched such as Platinum or White Gold. The Apple Watch 2 saw the launch of the ceramic white case so could we be in for a few more options coming September 2017?

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Apple Watch FaceTime

The Apple Watch Series 2 doesn't have a camera, but the Apple Watch Series 3 might. It's a feature which was talked about or the Apple Watch 2. This could be a very interesting feature & possibly make it a must have device!

Wireless Charging

Battery life on the Apple Watch 2 is a solid two days – much improved from the daily charge of the original Apple Watch. However, charging our watches could be made easier.. The Wireless Charging market is booming & with the iPhone 8 set to receive Wireless Charging we think that the Apple Watch 3 could also see this tech. 

Imagine being able to charge your Apple Watch on it's side to take advantage of the bedside clock without a dedicated stand? Awesome!! 

Companies to keep you eye on - Convenicharge™ are a Wireless Charging company specialising in installing Wireless Charging Pads in high traffic areas for easy & convenient charging. Once the iPhone 8 & Apple Watch 3 are wearing this technology expect a boom in the market & to see their Charging Pads everywhere. 

Please leave any comments below :)


Apple Watch 3: Rumours, release date & all the other need to know facts & figures

Apple Watch 3: Rumours, release date & all the other need to know facts & figures

Currently you can buy a Series 1 or Series 2 Apple Watch, but when will the Apple Watch 3 be launched? See what we have been hearing with a round up on the rumours surrounding the Apple Watch 3 release date along with specs and features. See also: 5 Hidden features on your Apple Watch


"Latest update: A report by Taiwan-based Digitimes says that the Apple Watch 3 will ship in the second half of 2017. The confidence comes from a leak which says manufacturing is already starting to ramp up, specifically for the screen for the new wearable. The third-gen Watch will reportedly have a glass-film touchscreen, rather than the 'touch-on-lens' screen used by the Series 2." - Credit PCWORLD

When can we expect the Apple Watch 3 to launch?

We have rights to believe & to expect a launch in the Autumn of 2017. We expect the Apple Watch 3 release date to fall around September 2017 as the Apple pattern would suggest. The Apple Watch Series 2 was revealed on 7 September 2016 so it all fits into place nicely!

We could be seeing a new Apple Watch model, or we should say models ( 4 in total )  as soon as March with more storage & possibly an 'S' model to accompany the current range.


Battery life & ' Micro-LED '

Battery life & a what's called a 'micro-LED' screen may be added to the Apple Watch 3 to aid in its quest to last for more days between charges & offer a screen quality closer to that of it's bigger brothers, iPhone & iPad. 

It's easy to predict that the Apple Watch 3 will come in a range of models, colours and a choice of straps. This means the price will have a large range depending on how basic or flashy you want to go. Collaborations with the likes of Nike again are likely amongst others.. Non Mintapple collab just yet though, stay tuned!

Selfie Camera

Do you need a camera on your smartwatch? Perhaps not, well, unless you're a selfie fanatic then maybe this feature will just be something which that will not draw you to an upgrade. 

Modular straps

The interesting bit it when the watch isn't worn as the strap can be rolled up to create stand - Personally we don't see this one happening however maybe if this is a fan favourite we could produce something similar? Add your feedback to the comments section below or drop us an email at info@mintapple.co.uk.

Apple Watch magnetic strap

3D Touch

Apple could introduce 3D Touch to the Apple Watch 3 providing extra functionality & this type of feature opens up a new world for the Apple Watch so we expect this to be a certain feature of the next Apple Watch! 

What we would like to see

- Band design remaining the same for customer who have spent $$$ on purchasing straps & customising their watches over the past 18 months.

- Qi wireless charging as this is set to take off in 2017 with the likes of Convenicharge & others taking the technology to a commercial level. You could add juice to your iPhone, iPad & the Apple Watch whilst grabbing a coffee downtown...Awesome

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