About Mintapple.

Mintapple™ was Founded in 2015 as the first Luxury Apple Watch Accessories brand with a vision of offering true luxury Apple Watch Accessories at an affordable price point. You can pick up a cheap and cheerful iPhone case at your local market but we couldn't find anything on the market we liked - so created our own. Greed can play a part in the world of Luxury products however Mintapple is about making quality items attainable for everyone. Luxury brands often price out a large portion of customers, we wanted Mintapple™ to be an affordable luxury brand. 

Fast forward to 2021 and we have over 300 products based on the above vision ranging from £14.99 to £199.99, Silicone to Exotic Leather, Apple Watch Bands, iPhone Cases, AirPod Cases & soon to be launched our Macbook and iPad Cases. 

Mintapple™ is available at numerous retailers around the world including Selfridges, Harvey Nicholls, Blue Salon, House of Fraser, Touch of Modern & many more throughout Europe. 


At our core, Mintapple operates on imagination, integrity, individuality & inclusivity. 


Our vision has always been to build and supply the best in Apple Accessories possible whilst ensuring they're attainable yet exlcusive.


The future is turquoise! Currently we have BIG plans for 2021 - These include new products including new iPhone Case styles & MacBook Cases, new European & US retailers, new employees starting in Digital roles and much more!


Our range includes Apple Watch, AirPod & iPhone accessories built from Embossed Alligator, Top Grain Leather, Crocodile, Ostrich, Lizard Leather / Suede Leather, Premium Silicone & Exotic Crocodile Leather. 


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Customer Service email: info@mintapple.co.uk
Refunds & Exchange email: returns@mintapple.co.uk
Custom Shop email: customshop@mintapple.co.uk