If you own an Apple Watch we’d hazard a guess that you enjoy the finer things in life, and we have dedicated ourselves to keeping the vibe luxurious whilst ensuring functionality of your Apple Watch remains. Jewellery grade 316L Stainless Steel is used for all our Stainless Steel bands - Not only is this Hulk strong but it won't make you turn green like him whilst lasting you for years to come! Finishes, such as Space Grey, Space Black and Gold Aluminium, are created using anodised 316L Stainless Steel - We plate our hardware at 0.8 microns for maximum durability and a perfect colour match. Corners are never cut, responsible material sourcing, in house craftsmanship enable us to offer high end presentation without the inflated price tag. We simply love Technology and Luxury goods, our goal has always been, and always will be, to build the perfect accent to your slick gadget.


No Links, No Drama! There is a reason why our Milanese Apple Watch Bands are our most popular Steel bands for your Apple Watch. A 2.5X strength magnet versus the original version ensures your watch remains where it should be at all times, on your wrist! You're a swimmer? No Problem! You're gym goer? No Problem! You're Chef? No Problem! The Milanese is your perfect band for daily wear.