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Mix & Match Sport Bands - Create something unique!

Mix & Match Sport Bands - Create something unique!

Mix & Match Sport Bands - Create something unique!

The options are endless ( well, almost endless ) - Over 320 variations available from 19 colours you have plenty of choice to help create a unique, tailored strap for you!



Whether you want to create a band ready for the weekend which you want to match with your new outfit, whether you want to make an impression at work with a matching tie & watch strap combo complementing the corporate logo or simply want something which is awesome!




Each band is built to the same Mintapple standards & has been tested for the past 12 months to ensure longevity & durability are at a higher standard than Apples own bands. Apples product lifespan isn't always the longest and you do find that you are having to re-purchase a product after 6-12months so we try to balance a reasonable price point with a realistic lifespan. Our Sport Bands should last a lifetime if looked after. 

Check out our blog post on how to maintain you Mintapple band for tips on how to increase your bands lifespan - Keep Your Mintapple Apple Watch Band Clean

Choose from a S/M band & a M/L band for your new Sport Band. 

Check our size guide to help find out which size you will need


Mintapple Apple Watch band size guide chart


The Apple Watch app essentials - Must have apps for your Apple Watch

The Apple Watch app essentials - Must have apps for your Apple Watch


The Apple Watch app essentials

We love to think that all of our customers use their Apple Watch every chance they get but the truth is we don't... We use our watches for certain tasks but not to their full potential! We are all guilty of that.. 

Whether it is a lack of knowledge on the apps available, features on your watch or whether you just prefer to use it as a traditional time piece you should find some content in our blog posts of use. If you do, let us know!

Shazam: The first on the list for a reason! We all have it all our phones as Shazam has become a fan favourite to quickly capture that song you love but never know the name of... Add it to your watch, it makes sense!

Evernote: Evernote's Apple Watch app is a bit limited in functionality however it does offer Handoff to enable to you to continue adding detail to that note you started earlier on your iPhone or iPad. You can even add detail via dictation for further ease of use..

MORE: 5 hidden features on your Apple Watch

American Airlines ( featured on banner image ): You can check in for flights from your watch, while also getting gate and boarding information at a glance & via notification! Add your boarding pass to your Passbook & you're good to go!

Uber: The Uber app offers very little in terms of functionality however if you use Uber regularly then you may find it priceless! You'll get information about your upcoming ride, complete with a description of the vehicle & ETA. Book via iPhone & monitor via Apple Watch!

eBay: Stay in front of the competition & win that item wherever you may be! The ebay app makes it very easy for you to keep ahead with outbid notifications.. Stay on top!

Mintapple: Yes, we are building an app with all the functionality of our site but faster & easier to navigate! You will be able to subscribe to order notifications on your phone with order tracking & delivery updates to keep you totally up to date on where your order is when you should expect it. All adding to the Mintapple customer experience!


Which one of these apps will be installed on your watch by the end of today?


Hopefully you found this post interesting & took something away from it. If you did, drop us an email & let us know your thoughts..



Mintapple - 5 HIDDEN features on your Apple Watch

Mintapple - 5 HIDDEN features on your Apple Watch

Many people are not aware of some of the hidden features on their Apple Watch - Whether you own the iPhone, Mac or Apple Watch Apple always manage to hide & add features that are very useful but are hide to find!

iPhone tricks & tips

We have added a list of features that could get you excited about your Apple Watch again!

1 - AirPlay music from your Apple Watch to external speakers

The Apple Watch allows you to store music directly on the device, which you can then play via its speaker or Bluetooth headphones. But not many people know you can actually AirPlay your tunes in the Apple Watch to the Apple TV or AirPlay-compatible Bluetooth speakers.

TO ACCESS: Open the Music app and go to the song-playing screen. Now Force Touch on the display until a new menu appears, there you'll see four buttons appear, one of which says AirPlay. Tap this button and on the next menu tap the AirPlay source you would like to send the music to... ENJOY!

2 - Switch between apps QUICKLY

Navigating from app to app can be troublesome even for people with the most nimble of fingers however, Apple has built in a clever physical button trick that can help you speed up app switching! Simply double-press the Digital Crown & you'll be taken from the screen you're currently on and taken to the last screen you were on.

3 - Use your voice to open apps

Don't you think the app icons on the front screen are a little too small? Even zooming in doesn't make life that much easier...We all have a voice so why not use it! Apple understands that, which is why they've added the ability to launch apps by using your voice.

Simply press and hold the Digital Crown to activate Siri, then state which app you would like to launch. You can say "Launch [app name]" or "Open [app name]" and the app will immediately open.

4 - Take screen shots

Screen shots can be one of the most useful features on our Apple devices & we use screen shots every day! Whether we are having IT issues or sending ideas to our marketing team they become an essential part of the business. 

To take a screenshot you simply need to press the Digital Crown and the Side button (the one below the Digital Crown) at the same time. The screen will flash white and the screenshot will be saved to your iPhone's Photos library. 

5 - Clear all notifications at once

TOP TIP: Clearing notifications on your Apple Watch will help maintain battery life! Even if you love getting notifications, too many of them can be overwhelming so thankfully Apple has created a way to clear them all at once.

Simply swipe down from the top of the Apple Watch's display to show all your notifications. If you want to clear them all at once, tap and hold on a notification to bring up a "Clear All" button. Tap it and every notification will be cleared! Just like magic.




Access shortcuts to conserve battery

From any watch face screen you can access a Control Center panel by swiping up. On this panel you'll first find shortcuts to turn on Airplane mode, enable Do Not Disturb mode, and mute sounds. Swipe to your left to see a battery meter screen. This shows you how much power you have left. If the battery life is getting too low for your liking you can tap the Power Reserve button to automatically enter Power Reserve mode to save precious battery life.