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Who are Mintapple? 

Mintapple are the UK's leading manufacturer of high quality exotic leather Apple Watch® straps. We offer a Milanese loop alternative and various softer leather straps. We are based in the United Kingdom and the reason we're in business is that we wanted to offer our customers the highest quality watch straps we could for the Apple Watch®. We knew the market would be overwhelmed with lesser quality products however, if you're like us, you like the finer things in life, the best of the best & most of all a product which will be a part of your collection for years to come. Since launching in the summer of 2015 we have distributed our straps to most countries across the globe and have built a very loyal following which is testiment to our products.  


" I must say that I just received my 2nd and 3rd Croco Exotic straps from MintApple. The quality of the Croco Blue Skin as well as the quality of the Green skin are superb! Both presentations totally enhance my Apple Watch.  I recently ordered a custom order Red Croco to complete my MintApple collection. Keep producing outstanding watch straps at fair prices and you will for sure be part of the Apple Watch Success. "


Why choose Mintapple?

As we mentioned above, you're going to find numerous places to purchase your new Apple Watch® strap from a single search on Google or Bing etc... So, why buy from us?... Well, we are a British brand and we like to support our fellow British businesses which is why 80% of our manufacturing & purchasing is done here in the United Kingdom. We only outsource 20% which unlike the majority of companies within our market who choose to use the complete opposite percentages. Each to their own right?... What else separates us from our competitors is that we don't simply import a product, brand it and send it out. We have carefully chosen specific designs to suit our customers... We were the first exotic leather Apple Watch® manufacturer & are still the UK's first choice when looking for an exotic leather watch strap. We use only 100% genuine leather ( who wants Faux leather? ), stainless steel & 100% recyclable packaging. We also use an "adapter" which helps connect the leather part of the strap to your lovely Apple Watch® now you may hear these called adapters, linkers, connectors or Apple Watch connector adapter link things.... Essentially they just connect your strap to your watch. However, we have built our adapters to the exact specification Apple have requested which ensures we offer a product at the same grade of the Apple built adapters. You will see many different versions of these "adapters" on Amazon, Ebay etc but don't be fooled.... Buy them from a reliable source if you just require the adapters. 

I think we have bored you enough for now, have a browse around and if you have any questions then please let us know :)